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"Where is my order?" 

If you follow my instagram then you know we're working as fast as we can to fill each and every pre-order! That's right, incase you missed it all current orders are  Pre-Orders; meaning your item will be shipped according to both your spot in the queue and when we receive the product ourself.

For more updates you can follow me on instagram.


"How will I know when my order has shipped?"

The day your order ships you will receive an auto-generated email with or without a tracking number depending on your shipping method (unless you live in Canada where all orders are tracked).

Please note if you chose "Small Packet USA (or international) Surface/Air" it does not include tracking and it may have long-ish ship times depending on your country; see below. 

For the USA, "Small Packet Air" will arrive in 5-8 business days.

For international non-tracked Airmail, you're looking at 12+ days. 

If you chose "International Surface Mail" it may take even longer. How long? Your guess is as good as mine. To be honest I'm surprised they still ship things by land/sea, it just sounds terribly inefficient. 


"I don't know what size to get."

No worries, just take a gander at this super helpful not confusing at all size chart I put together on photoshop for you: Click Here For Detailed Size Chart.

If it helps any, I'm a small dude standing barely 5'5" and the medium size fits me perfectly. I can be seen wearing a medium in the photos/videos. So if you're a short guy (or girl) like me then I'd recommend either a medium or even a small. 


"Help I ordered the wrong size!"

Shoot an email to ASAP with your order # and my lovely assistant will be able to change it for you. That is, as long as it hasn't been shipped out yet. Once your order ships there's little we can do unless you want to ship it back to us so we can exchange it. I'm cool with that, as long as you cover the shipping costs and as long as it's sent back to us in the same condition.


"You @$$holes sent me the wrong size." 

Sorry, I must have been t̶r̶i̶p̶p̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶t̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶d̶a̶y̶. My bad. Flick an email to with your order # and we'll cover the shipping cost for you to send it back to us. We'll do our best to send you the right size ASAP. 


"I ordered impulsively and I actually can't afford it." 

No worries, just send an email to with your order # and my gorgeous assistant will issue you a refund pronto. That is, as long as your order hasn't been shipped out yet. Once your order ships you're pretty much stuck with it... it's a good thing I paid extra to have these made with extremely high quality materials eh'? We're currently too small of an operation to accept refunds after orders are sent out due to shipping costs and needing to cover our own foul ups etc. 


"How can I contact you about my order?" 

Yeah, I kind of already covered this above a few times, but here's the customer service email again: Emails will be answered Mondays and Thursdays so please be patient!

PLEASE REFRAIN FROM EMAILING & DO NOT message me on instagram for customer-service related concerns. This isn't me being a jerk - it's because due to high message volume there's a very good chance your request will not be seen - and this is bad for everyone. 


"Will I be receiving the 'special memento' you hinted at in my order?!" 

Initially this was a promotion for only the first 300 pre-orders placed -- HOWEVER! I really want to make you guys happy... so I've decided to include a special, personalized gift in the first 1000 preorders instead. Of course, I hate leaving people out, so I'll also be including a gift in 1 out of every 10 orders at random after number 1000. Surprises are fun, so why not? 


"Will I be charged duties/customs fees?" 

Some countries may charge duties and taxes or other random fees. We're sorry, we have absolutely zero control over this. I've seen some online shops do this and it always baffles my brain. Anyway, if this is something you are concerned with I suggest you research whether your country charges these ahead of time. Please note, we cannot be held responsible for any duties or taxes incurred.

Canadian customers: Please note that we are no longer shipping from Canada and therefore, no longer charging GST/HST at checkout. This means that there may be duties and taxes due upon delivery. 



If you have any questions not already covered in this FAQ feel free to email us at or - Thanks guys! 

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